How To Get Rid Of A Boat Without A Title In California

How to get rid of a boat without a title in California

By Lando / Boat Removers

If you own a boat in the state of California, you know that getting rid of it can be complicated. That’s because selling or disposing of a boat requires a title in order to transfer ownership. But what happens if your boat doesn’t have a title? Don’t worry – there are still options available for you. Let’s explore how to get rid of a boat without a title in California.

California Law Regarding Boat Titles
In California, any vessel longer than 16 feet must have a valid title issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you are trying to sell or dispose of your vessel, you must present proof of ownership in order to legally transfer the boat from one owner to another. However, if your boat does not have a title, there may be other ways to transfer ownership.

Options for Boats Without Titles
If your boat is older than 1985, it may qualify under an exemption issued by the DMV which states that boats older than 1985 do not require titles. In this case, the seller and buyer will need to sign and submit the Bill of Sale form along with evidence that they are the current owners (such as a registration card or other proof). The form should then be submitted to the DMV within 20 days after signing so that they can issue an applicable title. Additionally, if your boat is more than 30 years old and doesn’t fit within any other categories requiring titles (such as motorized vessels), it may qualify for an “antique” status and no title would be required for transfer. In this case, you would only need to provide proof of ownership such as registration cards or bills of sale from past owners.

Another option is to contact local authorities such as sheriffs offices or county tax assessors who might have access to records from previous owners which can help establish proof of ownership even without titles being present. You can also look up public records online using websites such as PropertyShark which provide information about property owners including boats registered at marinas and docks across California.

Conclusion: No matter what kind of vessel you own, transferring it properly is important both legally and ethically when selling or disposing it off in California. If your vessel does not have a title but is exempt due to its age or antique status, there are still options available for transferring ownership including signing a bill of sale and submitting it with evidence that proves that you are the current owner and contacting local authorities who might have access to records related to past ownerships. Knowing these steps will make getting rid of your boat easier whether it has its original title or not!

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