Boat Removal Pricing

Below is a basic outline of our pricing structure. Feel free to submit an online price quote or call us. To get you an accurate quote, we must have the length of the boat hull, model number if possible, along with a photo or two.

You can now donate your boat. See if your boat qualifies.

Is your boat running and in decent condition? We are now accepting boat donations for qualified boats.

Our pricing is based on 2 primary factors:

1. The size of your boat (length, width, weight, etc.)

2. The location of your boat (on dry land VS in a slip)

The bigger a boat is, the higher our costs are with transporting, demolishing, and disposing of it. This is why we base our pricing primarily on the size of a boat. 

Travel Fee: It’s not often that we charge a travel fee, but we do in cases where we have to drive 80 miles or more using the city of Corona as a center point.

Pricing For Boats Located On Dry Land:

Pricing For Boats Located In A Marina:

For boats located in a marina, we must quote each job individually. Our fees start at $150.00 per linear foot and go up from there depending on the size and type of your boat. Our fee always includes sea towing service and lift service if we need to use a local boat yard.

Forms of payment

We accept most forms of payment but charge a 3% processing fee for credit cards.

    • Cash
    • Check
    • Venmo
    • Zelle
    • Credit Cards

Certificate of Business Liability Insurance:

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