Boat Salvage Yard

Boat Removers has a 2.25-acre boat yard located in the High Desert of Southern California. This is where we process all of our boat removal jobs. We also accept delivery of unwanted boats by appointment only.

Note: Currently we do not have boat parts available for purchase, but plan to by summer of 2023.

Looking for a boat salvage yard?

We are located in the High Desert off of the 15 freeway and the 138

Our boat salvage yard is where we process all of our boat removal jobs. We do accept drop-offs from private parties by appointment only. We charge based on the size and weight of your boat. 

We Accept

    • Motorboats
    • Sailboats
    • Yachts
    • Pontoon boats
    • Houseboats
    • Ships up to 125 feet

Please note: We do not allow drop-offs for smaller boats and watercraft. We do offer paid pickups. Visit our pricing page for more details.

For assistance ring or text us at (949) 929-1778

Service Overview

Boat Removers offers all types of boat removals including abandoned boats, boats in slips, boats without a trailer, wooden boats, fiberglass boats, and aluminum boats.

Types of boats we remove:

  • Motor Boats
  • Sailboats
  • Yachts
  • Catamarans
  • Pontoon Boats
  • Dinghy Boats
  • Houseboats
  • Personal Watercrafts

Who does the work?

Lando Fehrenbach and Carlos Cuevas are owners/operators/partners of Boat Removers and work together on each and every job. Lando takes all the calls and schedules each job.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to dispose of an old boat? Have you been wondering where and how to get rid of one legally, safely, and easily? Welcome to our boat demolition yard! From fiberglass hull destruction to metal recycling to hazardous waste disposal, we take care of the entire boat dismantling process.